When it comes to personal trainers and baseball instructorsthe Austin area is full of them. They talk a good game and make promises that they can't deliver. I had a solid Division II possible Division I prospect. Mr. Nwabuko and I had several conversations and came up with a plan to develop Shea into a solid Division I baseball player.

We decided to work on the tool most often overlooked in young baseball players. SPEED!! Shea was always fast but did not know how to run. With Mr. Nwabuko's knowledge and Shea's work ethic , we decided to give his speed training a chance.

Shea's 60yd time (which is the measuring stick in baseball) has been improving every time we go to an event. He has his time down in the range that Division I programs look for in a middle infielder/ center fielder.

Shea has signed with a Division I program . His recruiter simply stated "speed kills".
I strongly recommend Mr. Nwabuko and his CHUX SPEED ELITE program.

Ron Gutierrez
Pflugerville, Tx